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This is an abridged description of a trip to Singapore. We arrived by bus coming from Kuala Lumpur. Look up my previous report about Malaysia. We stayed five days/four nights. For the flight back with Cebu Pacific to Manila we paid 85.00 Euro each. That is the same as what we paid from Manila to Kuala Lumpur.

I have been in Singapore already several times. The first time was 1982 when I arrived from Thailand by train, bus and hitch hiking. At that time I stayed in a cheap guesthouse. After a couple of days a bought a train ticket to Bangkok at the railway station in Singapore and what a good luck: I could leave right away.

The second time was in April 1998 together with Manfred when we came back from Vietnam for a stopover in Singapore. The third time I stayed with Brigitte in Singapore a couple of days in December 1998 before and after flying to Penang.

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First Day - Arrival and Orchard Road Area

Before we left Kuala Lumpur we had to tell where we want to get off the bus in Singapore. The Beach Road was one choice, so I chose it, expecting it close to the YMCA, which I have booked. It was a little bit cumbersome until we did get there, especially the border crossing from Malaysia to Singapore. We had to leave the bus for the passport exit control in Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Then we had to board the bus again in order to get to the Singapore Entry Passport Control and Custom Check where we had to get off the bus again. I have to mention that up to three days before we also had to fill out on-line the Arrival Cards for Singapore.

Click the small picture to get it enlarged

Our bus from KL to Singapore Waiting for the driver
We were let off the bus somewhere along the Beach Road (very long one) where we did get lost. We didn't know where we are. We were lucky when we could fetch a taxi just arriving at the front of a hotel. Then it was a short ride to our hotel, the
YMCA One Orchard
1 Orchard Road
Singapore 238824
Tel.: +65 6336 6000
The standard queen room did cost 147.00 SGD, i.e. 101.50 Euro (1 SGD = 0.69 Euro). That was the cheapest hotel you could get. Guesthouses are a little cheaper but not very comfortable (no en-suite bathroom, for example) or no good location. The YMCA was the best location with number one on the famous Orchard Road. It was little nostalgic to remember the time 25 years ago, when I stayed there before.
The tall building in the background is the YMCA (not the church) Even a swimming pool is on the roof, but no time to swim
The receptionist lady at the YMCA was very helpful in giving us all the information about how to get around in Singapore. I was grateful to also get a city map, because the one in my old Guide Book was really outdated and could not be used anymore.

First of all we had to get the so-called Tourist Pass in order to use the Metro or the bus without the hassle of always buying one-way tickets. Unfortunately you cannot buy the Travel Pass at every MRT station. The next possibility was the Somerset station. We walked there and bought two Tourist Pass tickets for three days starting next day. The price was 34.00 SGD, i.e. 23.50 Euro) per person.

So a lot of walking and looking around the Orchard Road area with many shops and malls. We ate something in a Vietnamese restaurant. Also here no menu card. Ordering only digital same as in KL.

Second Day - City and Bugis Street

The YMCA is very close to the next MRT station with the funny name Dhoby Ghaut. It is being crossed by three different lines going to six different directions, so very convenient to go many places without changing any train. The station itself is like a maze. But it is easy to follow the signs.

If you have reached a platform you cannot see the track. And you will never see one, because the tracks are hidden behind screens on the platform though with doors to be open only in sync with the doors of an incoming train automatically. Understood? So nobody can be pushed or fall onto the track and either get electrocuted or rolled over by a train. As a matter of fact that already happened in underground stations in Germany.
Our closest MRT station (with screen doors) A very convenient way to ride the MRT
So, finally after having breakfast at the YMCA we took the Metro from Dhoby Ghaut to the City Hall station. That's not only close to the City Hall but also to the Raffles City Mall and the famous Raffles Hotel, named after the founder of modern Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles.

Many famous people have stayed in the Raffles Hotel. Some are one of my favorite writers: Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham. Only as a famous writer myself I may be able to pay 1400.00 SGD for a room. Look up the internet for the room rates.
Welcome at the famous Raffles Hotel By the iconic doorman
We didn't have tea for two yet Nor did we have a Singapore Sling
We rather took a look outside And strolled around the courtyard
We didn't waste our time in the mall but walked in the south direction where we did pass the Padang field. It plays an important role as the venue for significant events, including the staging of the National Day Parades. The National Day is a significant holiday celebrated annually on August 9. It marks the day when Singapore gained independence from Malaysia in 1965. The preparation for that day is already in full swing. On the opposite side is the Old Supreme Court Building but houses now the National Gallery. Majulah Singapura is the national anthem to be also sung during the Independence Celebration.
This is the Padang field with a glimpse of Marina Bay Sands in the background This is the Old Supreme Court Building, now the National Gallery
Passing by the main entrance of the National Gallery Passing by the Victoria Theater and Concert Hall
Yes, that's it, but we missed the concert That is the statue of the famous Sir Raffles in front
Then we came to the Merlion Park with the Merlion and a nice view over the Marina Bay to the Marina Bay Sands. The Merlion is the official mascot of Singapore with a head of a lion and the body of a fish. The Marina Bay Sands is a mall and a hotel.
Better view of the Marina Bay Sands with the backside of the Merlion Even more close of the fantastic structure
The Art Science Museum beside the Marina Bay Sands A tourist boat to get closer to the sights opposite
The big Singapore Merlion with little Joy beside Another little Merlion in the Merlion Park
Skyline west of the Merlion Park West of Merlion Park
Half day has passed so there was not enough time to go to the Marina Bay Sands. That's planned for tomorrow. From the Merlion Park we walked to the Raffles Place station to take the MRT to the Bugis station.

What a disappointment when I did get off. The Bugis Street has changed very much from 1982 and then from 1998 and then to now. From an old colonial street with transvestites coming out at night to a street with nice restaurants in a Pedestrian Zone to a fair and street market today. Joy was not disappointed though. Take a look at the following self explanatory photos.
The famous Bugis Street Joy is in her element
Houseware items Street Food
It's not a Chinese jewellery It's a Chinese Religion shop
A Chinese Temple A Hindu Temple
Hanuman God guarding the temple Hindu God also guarding the temple
Chinese God in the middle of a round about After walking too much we need YinYang Energetics
We were walking and looking around a lot. We found a food court where we ate a little. We were living in the Here and Now and didn't care about the future. Many people must have thought the same today because the fortune teller didn't have any customer.
You want to know your future? That already happened in the past

Third Day - Marina Bay Sands and Skypark

The next day we went by MRT to the Bayfront station on the Circle Line via the Marina Bay station. Keep in mind where you did get off in order to find back because this place Marina Bay Sands is huge.

It is a hotel in the first place with room rates starting around 1000.00 SGD. Then it is a big Mall with 170 shops. Further it has a Theater, a Casino, a Museum, a Convention Center, a Spa and a Fitness center, etc. And of course a Food Court and many restaurants.

First we had to go to tower number 3 for the Observation Deck elevator. It is called Skypark Observation Deck because you only can look into the Skypark and the Singapore Skyline, of course anyway. The other deck with the swimming pool can only be used by hotel guests.

The tickets for the Observation Deck have to be bought with a Credit Card through some kind of a Vending Machine. The price is 30.00 SGD (i.e. 20.45 Euro) per person.
Only the Skypark Observation Deck can be used by the public On the way to the top: A professional photo is not a must, but...
The pool on the top can only be used by hotel guests This was my view around the corner from the Skypark Observation Deck
This is the view to the crowd on the top This is the view down to the skyline of Singapore
Looking down to the north Looking down to the east
Looking down to the south, the Skypark Close-up to the south with the Supertrees
Lunchtime in Marina Bay Sands Food Court Many food stalls to choose from
The Food Court with nice decoration This ice cream did cost 12.00 SGD
After having had late lunch we had to go to the Skypark. It is also huge. We walked around again a lot, until Joy had to drop under an old Banyan Tree while a continued until also my feet were killing me. Take a look at following self explanatory photos.
And now Marina Bay Sands from the Skypark It's like a garden with many sculptures
Where is our hotel room? Which tower?
This is the map of the Skypark With the Supertrees
Nice construction You can almost get on the top
The Dragon Fly Island This waterway is just a lake
Natural sculptures? This is definitely a man made sculptur
Art sculpture or natural rock? My tired muse under a Banyan Tree
Maybe she can use a wheelchair Or get some power with a Burger
Or riding an elephant Or going on a cruise

Fourth Day - Sentosa Island

After yesterday's walking tour Joy was too exhausted that she didn't want to join me on a tour to Sentosa Island. Also I should have joined her the other way around because I was very disappointed. It was not the way what I have expected. I remembered a nice beautiful garden and a very long white sandy beach to walk around and along.
This is on Sentosa Island 1998 With a nice beach in 1998
Beautiful Sentosa Island in 1998 Walking on the beach leisurely in 1998
But now, oh my God, it has become like Disney World and the beach is small and ugly. Take a look at the following photos with some explanations.
Taking the Island Express To get to Sentosa Island
First of all I took the MRT to the Harbor Front station. Then I did get off and lost again until I found how to get on the island. I chose the Island Express. To buy a ticket was already a problem because I had to stand in a long line. I have chosen the worst day of the month because it was a holiday, the Feast of Sacrifice, and thus a lot of people especially with all their kids had the same idea to come here.

I could take a bus but that seemed to me more complicated, and too crowded anyway. There are definitely other ways to get on the island. Look up the internet to find out more.
Universal Studios like in Hollywood Where movies are produced
First stop was at the Resort World where I did not get off. Second stop I did get off and was in the middle of some kind of Disney World. On the previous map you can take a look of what kind of attractions there are.
What can be done in the Bunnyverse That's what the Adventure Cove is all about
The third stop was the Beach with many restaurants and food stalls. I only was walking and looking around. There were more attractions but more for the kids.
The Central Beach Bazaar The Central Beach in the middle
The left side of the Central Beach The right side of the Central Beach
I had enough and was heading back with a bus now to the Harbor Front MRT station. I probably will never come back to Sentosa island again.
I should have gotten drunk And say good bye, Sentosa Island

Fifth Day - Departure

Our flight was scheduled for 10:45 a.m. The receptionist called a taxi for us and 10 minutes later one showed up at the garage pick-up location. The taxi driver was very kind and we talked a lot during the ride to Terminal 4 of the Changi Airport.
Singapore Airport Terminal 4 The most modern airport

This was the end of our trip to Singapore. As it was said before and will be said again: There could have been seen and done a lot more. Also I could have written more. If you want to know more all about the places we have visited, then just look up any of the many guidebooks or the internet.

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