June 1991


This is a very abridged description of a trip to Mallorca in June 1991. The intention is not so much giving you a firsthand personal experience how to get there and around but just an impression of this beautiful island where we, Brigitte and I, stayed in a privately rented house in a very remote area close to a very secluded beach.

At the time of writing all this, more than 17 years have passed. Accommodations, restaurants, and prices have definitely changed thus I will not name any of them. But I hope that Mallorca hasn't changed that much and still keeps its original charm.

Arriving in Palma de Mallorca

As soon as we arrived at the airport of Palma de Mallorca we took over our rental car and then we drove directly to our domicile. We had to cross the island in the middle from west to east and then up north to Artá and then going west until we reached the first town of the Bahia de Alcudia:

Colonia de San Pedro

After another couple of miles to the east along the coast we did get to our small and remote community, where we easily found our house called Tortuga, which means turtle. If you should find this place, then maybe you also find the key in a flower pot beside the door.

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Our community Our calle (street)
Our Tortuga house With background
With sea view With sunset view
There was not much around besides these vacation homes, only a restaurant and a small store. If this place still looks the same today (what I doubt) then it's advisable to have a car to get to other places for more choices and to see more of the island anyway.
Nice white houses are scattered around
With a white tower and a nice bay close by
But there was actually no need to drive around much if you have enough provision for the length of your stay. There was a beautiful nature all around to wander and even climbing up the hills. And last not least to relax and even swim and sunbathing in the nude at a wonderful beach.
The area consist not only of sand But also a maccia is present
Climbing the mountain all the way up to a monastery
So, everything is there: mountain and maccia Also a secluded beach and crystal clear water
Inviting to a swim and to explore
What is this? Sunken Atlantis?
This reminds me of a little grand cañon
A little bit of Utah and the Rockies behind
We also wanted to see the island a bit and went first to the most northern tip, the Cabo Formentor with a most awe-inspiring landscape. From there we went to several other places. Just take a look at the following self-explanatory pictures to admire the beauty of this versatile island.
Another climb on Cabo Formentor
Standing high up Looking down
Enjoy the view and life instead of jumping down
Enjoy the view and life that's all what counts
Enjoy the view and life without sailing around
But we had a car to drive winding roads
From the mountains down to the sea
The cañon of Torrent de Pareis at the bay The beautiful Port de Sóller close by
Other villages at the coast with some small harbours
The hilly countryside with a beautiful flora
Picturesque villages with orange plantations
Country house Village house
Chic town house in Palma de Mallorca Also an old house and tree at a plaza
Old gate Old wind mill
Mallorca from the countryside to one of the many beaches
Rather back to the rough coast and the calm solitude
Back to nature and the wild beauty
Even better: to our house and to our secluded beach
Then came the day we had to leave our Tortuga House. We drove again across the island to the airport with our rented car and then just left it locked in the parking lot by leaving the car key inside. So much trust I hardly experienced in other places in the world.

Ok, that was Mallorca. We could have easily stayed longer and done a lot more. Also I could have written more. If you want to know more about this island then just look up any of the many guidebooks or in the internet.

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