Cruise from Puerto Rico down the Lesser Antilles
April 2015
Part X - Grenada

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Arriving in St. George of the island of Grenada A Grenada's welcome bill board
A Grenada's welcome tyres at the road Yes, it looks like a beautiful island
Driving through the country side until we reach the first tourist spot
The Concord Falls with a nice pool
The wealth of Grenada is not cocoa but nutmegs
The fresh nutmeg is covered with several layers
The products of Grenada are versatile
The nutmeg factory does not look that nice but tourists are coming in droves
This guy explains the process until the nutmegs finally land here
But before a lot of manual work has to be done with an archaic installation
These nutmegs are already processed and ready to be sacked
The sacks are labeled with a template like this
Then we pass many nutmeg trees with nutmegs almost ripe
We also passed many banana plantations Bananas can ripe faster if covered with plastic bags?
Driving through a dense lush green jungle This car did get stuck in the jungle
Then we reached the Grand Etang Tropical Rainforest First with the crater lake
Read it if you want to know more And buy some fruits from these ladies
You must eat fruits to stay healthy You must also try some of these remedies
Do you want to try all these liquors to get drunk? I really did try 10 different liquors for the price of one
You could do this at the Clarke's Court Grenada's number one distillery
You can ride a train like this if you are now too tired to walk
Instead of climbing up to Fort George you better take this train
Many streets are pretty steep
But from above you have a nice view to Fort George and also to our ship the "Summit"
Also these churches are up the hill
This is a beautiful place and this is a nice place to have a drink
These are typical colonial houses Not Caribbean style
But this house looks like a house in New Orleans Anyway, now I had to go down back to my ship

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