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The Travels of Wolfgang E. Wegner

This is a list of my journeys (without business trips) to foreign countries (other than Germany) commencing 1959. It includes some family holidays which are governed by other objectives than the following statements imply.

Generally, all trips have been organized by myself and mostly without advanced bookings except for the initial flights, if any. As a matter of fact I hate package tours and package(d) tour members (except some scientifically guided or locally offered daily tours). Wherever possible I tried to select areas hardly touched by them and thus experienced rather unspoiled locals. Though you couldn't always escape them, especially at certain times and prime spots, like watching the sunset from the Ananda Temple in Bagan in Myanmar (Burma).

Also, traveling individually will mean more income for locals than travel companies may provide through (mostly Mac-) jobs, and some of those "jobs" even exploit children having them carry water buckets all day from the hills in water scarce Nepal for 50 cents a day so that the rich guy in the 5-star hotel in Katmandu can take a shower while paying 200 USD for the room.

Another aspect of traveling individually or even more so by traveling alone is the chance of meeting and talking to more local people, getting invitations in their homes or to weddings (always making sure you have enough presents). But it is a mutual nice experience anyway: they are also proud to have such an "exotic" guest.

So, what I am aiming for is firstly getting in touch with people for learning their customs and exchanging ideas (whether natives or fellow travelers), secondly enjoying the nature (landscapes, flora, fauna, sunsets), thirdly trying some adventurous endeavors (trekking, climbing, diving, etc.), fourthly learning more about the country's specific religion, history and arts (temples, archeological sites, handicrafts) and fifthly trying the local food (tropical fruits, tasty dishes, exciting drinks) and last not least having some relaxation (in the meadows and on the beaches).

The emphasis was not so much on "not least" but more on "some" relaxation, since vacation was so precious not to waste it with "laziness" (other people exhausted from their work may just think the other way around).

Though once retired there is all the time in the world and the pace automatically slows down. I could be on the go all year round (until all countries are ticked off the list at least) but decided to stay "home" and in some "haven" for a longer period of time, even if it is a couple of months in a resort. That still does not necessarily mean to get lazy. There are still many things to do, and they have to be fun too. One of the actions is updating my travel reports, which also keeps me (hopefully) from becoming senile. If it should happen someday that I forget what happened, I would have at least my travel reports to look at and to try to re-live them.

If you want you can accompany me already now or maybe even go on a similar trip someday by clicking on one of the colored and underlined journeys to take a look at one of my personal travel reports and photographs (reports under construction are still highlighted in red for a preview).

The emphasis is on "personal", i.e. what I have personally experienced and thus also some of my personal humble opinions of some topics. All other information should be looked up in the many travel guide books. I only gave some hints for a better understanding what makes me come to that place in question. Many of the photos may also be self-explanatory. Also, the accommodations and restaurants may not exist anymore and the prices may have increased. It should just give you an idea, how much (or less) was spent in comparison to the prices in your own country in the same year (if you still remember).

Last thing: Why does a German write in (American) English? Without English I could not have traveled the way I did. It is also for the many locals I met in various countries (the Papua who even fluently spoke English taught by an American missionary) and the many fellow travelers from all over the world (not of package tours, of course) I had a lot of fun with. I also want to reach my friends and former colleagues from Europe and the United States and ... the rest of the English speaking community regardless of nationalities, and this will be soon the majority in the world (India has the largest population speaking English, not the United States, and even more and more Chinese are learning English right now, mostly American English taught by American teachers. I also just read that South Korea will hire 23,000 new English teachers by 2013 to strengthen English education and improve national competitiveness).

If you really want all text translated then just search for wew-tours in Google and click on translation.

Wenn du wirklich den Text übersetzt haben möchtest, dann suche nach wew-tours in Google und klicke auf Übersetzung.

Italy Rimini, Miramare July 1959
GreatBritain London June 1960
Italy Rimini, Miramare, Bologna August 1960
GreatBritain London April 1961
Italy Rimini, Miramare August 1961
France Paris April 1962
GreatBritain London, Ireland, Scotland October 1962
Near East Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon Oct-Nov 1963
GreatBritain London March 1964
GreatBritain London June 1964
Austria Kaernten July 1966
USA Florida April 1968
Kenya Nairobi, Naivasha, Tsavo, Amboseli October 1968
World Thailand, Hongkong, Japan, Hawai October 1969
USA Catskill August 1970
USA Florida August 1971
Bahamas Freeport August 1971
USA Vermont July 1972
Spain Mallorca, Cala d'Or July 1975
Austria Atter Lake July 1976
Italy Rimini August 1977
Spain Valencia, Gandia July 1978
Egypt Alexandria to Assuan April 1979
GreatBritain Dover to Milton Keynes October 1979
Italy Cervia, Adria June 1980
Morocco Agadir via Marrakech to Tenerir October 1980
USA Key West to New York April 1981
Tunesia Sousse via Douz to Tozeur October 1981
France Cóte d'Azur April 1982
Italy Cervia, Apulia June 1982
Thailand Bangkok to Hat Yai November 1982
Malaysia Kota Bahru to Singapore November 1982
Indonesia Jakarta to Bali May 1983
Spain Ibiza July 1984
Burma Rangoon to Mandalay November 1984
Thailand Bangkok-Surin-Chiang Mai November 1984
Malaysia Sabah (Borneo) November 1985
Philippines Manila-Banaue-South Luzon-Mindoro November 1985
USA Florida April 1986
Poland Stettin-Stargard-Petznick September 1986
Indonesia Papua-Sulawesi-Kalimantan-Sumatra Oct-Nov 1987
China Hongkong-Yunnan-Hainan-Canton Oct-Nov 1988
Kenya Mombasa-Tsavo Mar-Apr 1989
India Tamil Nadu-Kerala-Mysore-Goa-Bombay Nov-Dec 1989
Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa-Kandy-Sigiriya-Polonnaruwa December 1989
France Provence May-Jun 1990
Turkey Antalya-Pamukkale-Ephesus-Dalaman-Side Jun-Jul 1990
Spain Mallorca June 1991
Nepal Kathmandu, Pokhara Oct-Nov 1992
India Sikkim, Darjeeling, Puri, Calcutta November 1992
Italy Trentino August 1993
USA New York, Alexandria, Washington, D.C. October 1993
Austria Passau to Vienna June 1994
Hongkong Hongkong Island September 1994
Australia Brisbane to Cairns Sep-Oct 1994
Sweden Göteborg, Eskilstuna, Stockholm June 1995
Cook Island Rarotonga December 1995
Fiji Nadi December 1995
New Zealand Aukland, Roturoa, December 1995
Samoa Savaii January 1996
Italy Toscana June 1996
USA New York October 1996
Laos Vientian, Luang Prabang December 1996
Thailand Bangkok December 1996
Italy Napoli, Amalfitana June 1997
England Guernsey September 1997
Vietnam Saigon to Hanoi April 1998
Singapore Singapore April 1998
Ecuador Quito, Amazonia, Otavalo, Cotopaxi October 1998
Malaysia Penang December 1998
Singapore Singapore December 1998
Portugal Porto April 1999
USA Colorado, Utah, Arizona June 1999
Austria Karwendel October 1999
Portugal Madeira June 2000
Peru Lima, Cuzco, Machupicchu October 2000
Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa, Kandi, Polonnaruwa Nov-Dec 2000
Austria Salzkammergut June 2001
Italy Meran June 2001
Cambodia Angkor Wat to Sihanukville November 2001
Thailand Bangkok, Ko Chang November 2001
USA Florida May 2002
Spain Formentera June 2002
Austria Karwendel August 2002
Vietnam Hanoi to Saigon October 2002
India Delhi, Rajastan December 2002
Philippines Angeles, Boracay, Puerto Galera Mar-Apr 2003
Philippines Laguna, Cebu July 2003
Philippines Puerto Galera, Nasugbu, Tagaytay October 2003
Philippines Boracay, Manila December 2003
Philippines Manila, Puerto Galera May-Jun 2004
Philippines Siquihor, Bohol, Negros Jun-Jul 2004
Myanmar Yangoon, Inle, Mandalay, Bagan October 2004
Thailand Bangkok, Koh Samui October 2004
India Delhi, Varanasi to Goa Nov-Dec 2004
Philippines Samar, Puerto Galera Jan-Apr 2005
Philippines Dumaguete, Siquihor, Bohol, Samar Jun-Oct 2005
Philippines Palawan, Baguio, Siargao Jan-Mar 2006
Philippines Camiguin, Cagajan de Oro, Apo Apr-May 2006
Philippines Bohol, Ilocos Norte Oct-Nov 2006
Philippines Puerto Galera, La Union Jan-Apr 2007
Philippines Puerto Galera, La Union Jun-Sep 2007
Australia Cairns to Alice Springs and Darwin Sep-Oct 2007
Philippines Puerto Galera Nov-Dec 2007
Philippines Palawan Feb-Mar 2008
Philippines Coco Beach, Northern Luzon Sep-Oct 2008
Philippines Camote, Cebu City, Tacloban Feb-Mar 2009
Philippines Puerto Galera Apr-May 2009
Philippines Siargao August 2009
Taiwan Taipei February 2010
Philippines Donsol, Leyte, Southern Samar March 2010
China Shanghai October 2010
Philippines Palawan October 2010
Thailand Ko Samet, Pattaya, Bangkok February 2011
Malaysia Sabah June 2011
Philippines La Union, Vigan, Pagudpud August 2011
Spain Mallorca December 2011
Philippines Manila, Samar, Leyte March 2013
Poland Baltic Sea June 2013
SouthAfrica Cape Town, Garden Route, Johannesburg Mar-Apr 2014
Italy Lake Garda, Venice, Rome, Pienza September 2014
Caribbean Puerto Rico, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, etc. April 2015
Philippines Manila, Puerto Galera January 2016
GreatBritain Kent, London March 2016
USA New York, Washington October 2016
Philippines Manila, Puerto Galera Feb-Mar 2017
Philippines Manila May 2018
Netherland Amsterdam, Zandvoort June 2018
Philippines Manila, Cavite Oct-Nov 2018
Philippines Pandan Island, Boracay, Puerto Galera September 2019
France Paris December 2021
Philippines Manila, Cavite October 2022
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pangkor June 2023
Singapore Singapore June 2023
Philippines Manila, Cavite July 2023

More to come

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